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Moon Moon & Cesar Milan: part 1 
Summary: Moon Moon’s pack is calling a famous dog whisperer, Cesar Millan to make Moon Moon (wolf) become ‘normal’ or so called calm & assertive dog wolf. The pack is just left somewhere chilling their time and Moon Moon alone to be handled by Cesar.
angry moon moon
3 vs 1
trapped moon moon
escape moon moon
moon moon is cacthed
walk or dance?

walking with cesar millan

Moon Moon & Cesar Milan: part 2
Whoever, our sweet wolf didint have any idea about this plan, after wake up from a short nap, he is scared as hell to find out a big pack of dog with a human (Cesar) cacthing him. Moon Moon try to call his pack for help, but none of them come to aid him. So he doesnt have any choice to face Cesar alone. But off course, even Moon Moon is vulnerable without his pack, he is still a wolf, not a dog (sth tht Cesar dont realize) so with the help from crew and his dog, Cesar able to put a leash on him and start to rehabilitate him.

Meeting with an old friend never feel this good.


It’s a good thing tht’s Cesar”s pack is acting instinctual, not in human way: Feel jealous keepin grudge, etc

Suprisinglly, they are just getting closer everyday.

Before meet Cesar, Moon Moon even cant focus on camera

Yup, now Moon Moon is able to focus on camera. That’s a good start.

Three months later, Moon Moon is run away from Cesar’s Ranch while walking. Moon Moon is able to return and greated his old pack.

Moon Moon & Cesar Millan: OMAKE

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